How to Build a 6-Figure (or More!) Freelance Business

(Without Dry Spells, Cold Calling, or Begging for Work!)


Interested in starting a freelance business? Or struggling to build yours up? Either way, you’re in the right place!

Here's the thing: “Wishing and hoping” isn’t a strategy—even though it’s what most freelance courses teach.

You need a proven, easy-to-follow framework that puts you completely in control of your business, your income, and your life.

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Here's What You'll Learn

Secret #1
How To Be SURE You Always Have Predictable—and Increasing!—Freelance Income Coming In

Dry spells are NOT inevitable! Luck is not a strategy for landing work. Learn to ensure you’ve always got plenty of high-paying work—and income!—coming in.

Secret #2
How To Start Landing High-Paying Work ASAP and Fill Your Client Roster Fast

No, Upwork and Fiverr are NOT the keys to landing quality work—OR to scaling to 6 figures and beyond. In this segment of the training, you’ll learn exactly what IS.

Secret #3
How To Hit All of Your Financial—and Freedom—Career Goals

Professional freelancers make more than their on-staff counterparts. Learn why this is and how you can provide companies massive value that earns you more income.

Why You NEED to Start Freelancing ASAP

If we’ve learned anything over the past several years, it’s that “safe” route of working at an on-staff job isn’t so safe, after all. The truth is that when you put the control of your income and your livelihood in someone else’s hands, you’re not safe at all.

You’re safest when YOU are in control of your income and your career. Even if you freelance part-time, you can dial up your work when you want—or need—more income.

Freelancing gives you access to a flexible, profitable, and fulfilling career…and puts YOU in control of your life. 


Meet Your Freelancing Coach

My name is Nicki Krawczyk, and I’m a freelancer, copywriter, and founder of Throughout the past 20+ years I’ve freelanced for multi-billion-dollar companies like Hasbro, adidas, and Keurig, for solopreneurs, and for just about every size business in between. And, for the past eight years, my team and I have taught people to build thriving freelance copywriting careers of their own.

Today, my team and I take the principles and proprietary systems we’d previously only shared with copywriters and teach freelancers of ALL kinds how to build thriving, stable, and sustainable freelance businesses (and incomes!).

If you’ve been scared to try freelancing or wondered why you struggled, here’s the great news: There’s no magic to success; it’s just about following a framework that works. 

What a Few of Our Students Have to Say About Our Trainings:


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